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Magiekejansen is a self-educated multi-creative artist..

Magiekejansen is a filming musician, painter, vj, bj (‘beatjee’) and poet, he is a graphic designer and photographer+..

Magiekejansen’s films support some live-performances of
dutch hiphopband ‘KOz collective’ and popband ‘June’s High’..
and a lot of electronic dance parties, festivals and filmfestivals.

His colorfull vj set was seen on famous dutch screens;

Winston Kingdom, Pakhuiswilhemina (a lot) 11,11 basement, Bitterzoet, Rijkshemelvaart, Paradiso, Pakhuis de Zwijger, OT301, Flexbar and Melkweg.

After ‘Circus Energic’ a succesfull ex-perimental electronic music trio..
Magiekejansen created his ’own’ musical poop’, a few times together with poet ‘Tompel’ and other musicians.

Making music for dutch shortfilm ‘Geldgeldgeld’ in 2004
Magiekejansen experienced the magic of music and film together..

On Magiekejansen website, you will find his creativity,
unfortunally the stories are in dutch..


geluid, beeld, tekst en ontwerp magieke jansen, kopierecht 2007